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Focus on how work is done

Operational learning "Blue line/Black line" exists in normal everyday successful work. 

Everyday Learning Teams involves a way to gather intelligence from the opportunities that are presented by everyday work for both frontline teams and the organization.  Frontline teams have an opportunity with Everyday Learning Teams to improve through an intentional learning process and better understanding of operational learning that occurs between “Work As Imagined” (WAI) and “Work As Done” (WAD). 

Using the 4Ds™ for frontline worker insights and building self improving teams

The 4D's™ are a simple and easy conversation to have, but the act of asking the questions (and then making improvements based on the information received) has led to greater engagement, better worker perceptions of leadership, and numerous opportunities to improve the operational capacity for achieving more reliably successful work outcomes. 

Using the 4Ds™ for Leader Led Safety Conversations 

Leader-led Safety Conversations are different. They are about Leaders learning from those who do the work and helping to ensure the number of acceptable outcomes (work that goes well ) is as high as possible. By wanting to learn and improve the work environment in this way, we create the opportunity for learning at the worker, workgroup and organizational levels.