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Our weekly podcast show "The Practice of Learning Teams" on SafetyFM explores two streams of thinking, learning and reflection.

The Journey of a Learning Teams Facilitator (30 minutes)

Conversation with Learning Teams people on their journey so far, including;
  1. How their journey started
  2. Where does the opportunity for learning come from
  3. What makes a successful learning teams facilitator
  4. What have been some of the challenges so far
  5. What is the future of learning teams

Group Panel Reflection

The panel of Brent Sutton, Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson then reflect on their learnings from the podcast. The audience are asked to reflect on their learnings and participate in an online journal on what they want to learn more about.

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Field Guide to Learning Teams

The Practice of Learning Teams, book authors Brent Sutton, Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson will conduct a mini-learning team based on your submissions in the learning journal. We will discuss and reflect on some of the community challenges to embed learning teams and explore The What?, The How? and The Why?

Make an entry in the learning journal?