Diane is an experienced Human Resources, safety, and risk management practitioner with a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (HONS). Diane's work of integrating HOP, Learning Teams and the 4Ds into safety and system tools, supports the view that "BetterWork" is at the heart of an approach that can tackle the complexity of psychosocial risk in everyday work. Diane authored the chapter "The 4Ds For Psychosocial Risk" in the Amazon best-selling book "4Ds for HOP and Learning Teams", and resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jeff is from Learning Teams (North America) Inc and is a well regarded innovator in workplace safety leadership. He helps organizations evolve how they manage safety by guiding their journey and and helping them break through the performance plateaus associated with conventional views by integrating HOP safety principles, Learning Teams, and the 4Ds. He co-authored the Amazon best-selling book "4Ds for HOP and Learning Teams" and is the owner of www.safetydifferently.com. and resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1/2 Day Workshop - February 21st, 2024 - Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This workshop is part of our HOP Into Action series and is a half day of learning and improving about using the HOP Principles, Learning Teams, and the 4Ds to better understand psychosocial risk factors in normal everyday work and events. The work from Learning Teams Inc supports a new theory ‘that conversation and storytelling through the 4Ds and Learning Teams results in restorative healing, learning and improvements'.

This workshop will explore:
  • What are Psychosocial Risks (within the context of ISO 45003/CSA Z1003)
  • How Work Design, Complex Systems, and System Conditions influence psychosocial risk factors
  • How the HOP Principles apply to Psychosocial Risks
  • How worker frontline insights and the 4Ds make psychosocial risk factors visible
  • Using Learning Teams and the 4D's to improve work design and create "BetterWork"

Price: $285CAD (Maximum capacity - 30 seats)
Catering not provided (lots of onsite locations for food and beverage during breaks).
Start time: 8:30am till 12:30pm

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If you require any alternative booking or payment arrangements, please email: jeff@learningteamsinc.com