Community Hub - Code of Conduct


The Learning Teams Community "Hub" hosts collaborative spaces, for discussions related to our work and interests, and the work and interests of the wider community. We have a diverse community with a range of priorities and interests - this is an opportunity and a strength. We welcome and actively seek a diverse range of views in our collaborative spaces, and to ensure this is always respectful and constructive, these guidelines and norms apply to all our discussions and spaces. You can consider them our culture for conversation, or as a code of conduct for those who participate in our events and forums.

The four pillars

There are four pillars to our approach in guiding conversation in the Hub are:

Respect People

Enable Participation

Stay On Topic

Keep It Safe

Core Principles

A respectful, open attitude towards others is celebrated in our community, and is expected from all participants. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the Hub. Here are some specific points to consider:

Diversity is strength

  • The skills, experiences and priorities of our community are rich and varied.
  • Together we respect this, and when we disagree, we disagree with people’s ideas not them as people.
  • People’s gender (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, work experience, body size, race, religion (or lack thereof) and socioeconomic status aren’t up for criticism, jokes or comments.
  • As a group we maintain this as basic human decency, and refrain from discussing people's personal attributes, affiliations, or beliefs.
  • Don’t assume what people know or don’t know, and if you feel the urge to offer advice or help, ask the person first.

Time and feedback is valuable

  • We don’t take for granted people giving their time to share and engage, so we keep discussions on topic and constructive.
  • This means we don’t ask questions that aren’t really questions (no gotchas), we don’t derail discussions into other topics (we can start a new conversation for a new topic) and we value genuine on-topic dialogue even if we don’t share the views expressed.
  • As a group, we take responsibility for ensuring that discussions aren’t dominated by a few voices, and that a wide range of views are welcome and sought out.
  • If we find ourselves having a discussion mostly with one person, we take it off-list and message them directly (and we ask them if off-Hub conversation is OK).

We are all accountable

  • We ask for permission before we repost personal messages.
  • We assume that individuals speak for themselves, and what they say does not represent their organisation (unless stated explicitly).
  • If someone starts a discussion on the Hub, that person takes some responsibility for managing that discussion. This includes facilitating discussion, encouraging participation and appropriate summing up.
  • Information shared through our Hub is never used externally or for commercial gain without the author’s approval.
  • We all take responsibility for maintaining the principles of these guidelines in our discussions and events and we report any breaches of this to

We collaborate in good faith

  • We are considered, not quick-fire reactive, in our interactions. This includes in robust discussion and disagreements.
  • We don’t impersonate people, spread rumours, repurpose information to use against people or spam the online spaces.
  • We don’t post or discuss violent or sexually explicit things.
  • If someone reports something that makes them feel uncomfortable or they feel is a breach of these guidelines and norms, a moderator will reach out to them to discuss what’s happened. It’s only if breaches continue that we may suspend their ability to participate in the Hub.

Making sure these norms and guidelines are upheld

In this guidance, a “participant” is someone who is present at an event, physically or online, or is the sender or recipient of communications through the Hub.

If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender, moderating or suspending their ability to send or receive communications online, or asking the offender to leave the event.

If you experience or witness any form of harassment or behaviour you think is inappropriate you can report this to who will be able to take appropriate action. 

People who develop a pattern of behaviour inconsistent with this guidance or create significant problems may be restricted from participation in events, or suspended from the Hub, for an extended period.