Welcome to the Pay-It-Forward Supporter Registration Process


Step 1: Register on the Learning Teams Community Hub

Click the picture and go to our sign in page to register.

Step 2: Access the Community Hub and update your profile

You will then receive an email link from the hub host to complete your registration. Once you have logged in, update your profile by clicking on your profile in the top right corner of your screen. Tell us about how you could support others in wanting to learn and gain new skills. It is also helpful to update your social media inputs, i.e. LinkedIn, so that leaners can get a better understanding about your profile. If you need help, click on this youtube video.

Step 3: Join the Pay It Forward Group

Search for the Pay It Forward Group and join.

Step 4: Create Events, Announcements, Message, Chat and Video Conference    

Click on the Pay It Forward group and select the + symbol in the top right hand corner to create your event, post, announcement etc.

Click here for more help on Events

Click here for more help on Announcements

For other features click here.